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Bonsai Trees Miami –  Finally Best-Bonsai is getting ready to open our new location offering North Miami Bonsai Trees of the finest quality.  We will offer a wide selection of Bonsai Trees Broward and Dade County had previously not had access too.  The grand opening will feature an advanced class, a demonstration, and also various beginner classes.  Our grand opening sale will include some of the finest Bonsai Trees Miami and Broward county have to offer.  Including our newest and best inventory, a selection ranging from very advanced high end specimen to beginner starter kits. A large selection of bonsai tools, pots, and accessories  will be also be available.

From The Grand Opening going forward we will offer a large inventory of all Bonsai Accessories, Complete Specimen Trees, and Bonsai Classes regularly .
We don’t just sell bonsai and accessories we develop bonsai artists. I found peace and understanding through my practice of Bonsai, and I desire to share this passion.

Bonsai uses various techniques to achieve different styles. The direct translation of “Bonsai” would be “The art of growing a tree in a pot”.  Bonsai trees are usually small compared to their wild relatives.  Bonsai typically range from 6″-24″ in height, though they can be as tall as 5 feet.

Bonsai Trees Miami

Bonsai Classes and Bonsai Events Miami – Best Bonsai is spreading their Passion for The Art of Bonsai

The art of Bonsai itself is at least 2000 years old dating back to the Ming dynasty. Historians believe the art of bonsai is even older as the Japanese word Bonsai.  The Japanese word Bonsai comes from the Chinese word “P’en Tsai”.  Notice how it sounds similar to bonsai and has basically the same definition.  For this reason Do not base your  definition of what bonsai is all about to the direct translation of the word.  Bonsai basically translates to the art of potted trees.  Bonsai is an ancient art that dates back thousands of yeas. One could study bonsai his whole life. developing his style and studying still wouldn’t run out of things to learn. There are countless techniques.