Bonsai Ficus With Aerial Roots 12″ Ceramic Pot

Bonsai Ficus With Aerial Roots  15 Years Old or more

Specimen Stands 22″ Tall

Bonsai Ficus with aerial roots which give the tree a very old look.  This Bonsai Fig Tree is at least 15 years old and Stands 28″ tall.  Comes complete in a 14″ handmade ceramic bonsai soil, drainage mesh, and slow release fertilizer.  Great for offices, to Decorate your home, and is a stunning conversation piece.  Very easy species to care for and excellent for experts or beginners .  Much less maintenance than a fish tank yet still is more impressive.

Also known as Tiger Bark Ficus – Ficus Retusa are native to tropical Asia.  They will thrive if given light but will stand low light conditions and even indoors on a desk though not ideal will work.  They make an excellent indoor bonsai!  Older Ficus Retusa  develop stripes which is where it gets the name Tiger Bark Ficus or Tiger Bark Fig.  When a Ficus Bonsai receives  adequate humidity it will develop aerial roots along the branches and trunk.  These roots will thicken and fuse with other roots, branches, and trunk.0

Ficus Bonsai love moist soil, however the soil must drain properly so that the roots don’t rot. This specimen has very free draining soil with proper drainage screens on the bottom so that the plant will get the water it needs but not build up a puddle of water which would eventually rot the roots.  All you have to do is water it regularly like any other plant.  They can be fairly forgiving when learning the watering rhythm  The ultimate goal is to get into a cycle of wet to dry always avoiding completely dry soil.

These are very trainable bonsai you can reduce the leaf size to 1/3rd of their original size.  The branches can be wired and take shape very quickly.  Ficus also let you know when they are not doing good so you can respond and make adjustments.  Excellent specimen.

This One of a Kind Bonsai Tree was Sold!