Bonsai Sunrise

Bonsai Sunrise


Beautiful morning working on my bonsai trees and meditating.

Bonsai Sunrise This morning I was reflecting on what a positive effect the art of bonsai has on my life.  Just thirty minutes in the morning working on a few specimen changes my whole day.  By reflecting on the nature of reality and how to act in harmony with nature and maintain that vibration throughout my daily activities and tasks.   This Bonsai Sunrise made room for the noise of the day and allows for me to reflect on it from a completely different perspective.  Staying aware of my consciousness has become a priority  for my spiritual evolution.  There are many gateways I use to find that harmony, ie… Meditation, Yoga, or even Plant Teachers. However bonsai is the only one for me so far that I also find a creative outlet in.

There is more to learn about bonsai than one could be taught in a life time.  A person can take the art as far as the individual wants… there is no limit to the dedication a person can devote to this ancient art.






The hobby of growing and caring for Bonsai is quickly becoming a passion for many people, and the popularity in the west is growing rapidly.  Bonsai trees are not only an attractive conversation piece but also benefit your health in allot of ways.

  • Bonsai is proven to be a stress reliever
  •  Some studies have shown that individuals who work with nature regularly are statistically more peaceful.
  •  Bonsai trees need you to take care of them.  this includes watering, trimming new growth, as well as maintaining a healthy nutrient balance. Caring for your tree will      inevitably teach patience
  • Indoor plants, bonsai included; can purify and help clean the air indoors such as your office or home.
  • Successfully growing your bonsai and training the tree will usually leave you with a great sense of achievement or accomplishment.                                                                                                                                                      Studies show that this releases certain endorphin’s in the brain which are very good for your mental and physical health.