Lizard, Lizard, Lizard. Brown Anole Elm Bonsai Tree

Lizard, Lizard, Lizard. Brown Anole Hanging On My Elm Bonsai Tree

Here Lizard, lizard, lizard…. “Eat anything you don’t see fit to enjoy theBrown Anole on a Elm Tree Bonsai amenities there in what I imagine is a 5 star hotel to you or any other little critters. Head of security your hired, room and board included”  To myself I cut the deal of a lifetime for this fortunate reptile.  He can now call my 20 year old Japanese Elm and it’s 14″ pot his new home.
Nature always was my teacher. When I was a kid I loved catching these Brown Anole lizards which you always see in South Florida. When I first tried they where way to fast.  Up to the age of Four or Five I couldn’t even catch 1 to have as my pet lizard.  This made me more frustrated than you an imagine.

Bonsai Tree Lizard

After Much practice I got faster.  Eventually I could catch one almost every afternoon.  After not much time at all playing in the yard I could easily get five or six mature larger lizards.  I wanted to keep them all as pets.  this eventually turned into an obsession.  The best way I can describe what I was doing at that time was being a Hoarder but with lizards.  It got to the point where there where 20 lizards in one small plastic cage.  This of course caused diseased and inhumane conditions for the captive brown Anole population.  I was probably five years old but between my mom’s scolding and seeing the unintentional torture.  That’s when I realized that every kind of life needs space.   Society should take lessons from nature.  I encourage you to watch this Hans Rosling TED talk about global population.  Countries that move toward smaller families generally have lower infant mortality, better overall living conditions, and education is a more available.

Hans Rosling Global Population

Not all into that woo woo but if I had to pic a spirit animal definitely would be lizards.  I see them at times when stars align and I feel what could best be described as Synchronicity.  The farther along on my life path I am, the older/bigger the lizard is. Now I usually see shrub lizards which are 2-3 times bigger than the small brown Anoles from my child hood.  When I am really in tune, Iguanas.  Learning life lessons from lizards since I was a young child.  I appreciate the encouragement they give me, I gives me a feeling of toughness and adaptability.  Might sound crazy or it might sound brilliant is what it is it’s me

Elm Bonsai Shelf

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