Root Over Rock Japanese Holly Bonsai Tree Fall Flowers Progression

Japanese Holly Bonsai Tree Progression of Fall Flowers.


Japanese Holly Bonsai Tree Styled Root Over Rock  in a 6″ Ceramic Pot – Sequence of the Fall Flowers.

Root Over Rock Holly Bonsai Tree
Fall pre flowers beginning to bud.

In Japanese Aesthetics The term “Wabi-Sabi” which refers to the transient nature, the impermanence of things.  The cherry blossom blooming beautifully and falling to the ground.  This Bonsai tree embodies the concept of Wabi – Sabi while you watch the process of the fall flowers open and slowly fall to the ground.



Japanese Holly Bonsai After Rain
Buds starting to swell tree will flower in the Next couple days



Japanese Holly Bonsai
Japanese Holly Bonsai Tree just after a soft rain










The Fall Flowers are in full Bloom today 10/05/17


Flowering Bonsai Tree
Fall Flowers In Full Bloom.




Holly Bonsai Flowers
Holly Bonsai Flowers. Root over Rock Style Trunk.












Holly Bonsai Tree Root Over Rock
Bursting with Flowers.



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