Serissa Bonsai – Bad rep?

Serissa Bonsai Trees – Bad Rep?

Serissa bonsai trees have got allot of bad feed back lately.  Allot of this feed back is giving one of my personal favorite bonsai trees a bad rep.  Now is the Serissa my recommendation for a first bonsai tree?  Certainly not, there are many more forgiving trees out there for the newcomer.  However for any one with even a little experience caring for bonsai trees, they would be missing out to not have at least one of these beautiful trees in their collection.

One thing I’ve noticed about the notorious Serissa bonsai is they react almost immediately to stress or improper care.   Now even  though I feel my stomach twist into a knot when I see the leaves wilting on one of my valuable Serissa trees, it lets me know the tree is not happy.  This gives me an opportunity to make an adjustment.  Where as the root system of a Shimpaku Juniper could be completely dead, without any noticeable changes to the leafs or the appearance of the tree.

Serissa Bonsai
Serissa Bonsai Forrest. Group Planting

Remember, every tree is different as are it’s needs for light, water, and fertilization.  Always observe care instructions specific to the species of tree you are caring for.

Beginner Bonsai Fukien Tea Tree

Tea Bonsai Tree Care

Beginner Bonsai Fukien Tea Tree Young Bonsai Specimen

This is a great beginner bonsai Fukien Tea tree basically just need plenty of water and shade.   Comes complete with a ceramic pot and house bonsai soil. Fukien Tea Trees flower all year long with nice white flowers. $29.99 Very hardy tree good for a beginner. Call me (James) at 786-385-3218 with any questions you might have.

These trees love plenty of water and like many other semi deciduous trees you will cut the shoots of new growth down to 4 sets of leaves.  Come with excellent Japanese slow release fertilizer 10-10-10 with micro nutrients.

Fukien Tea Tree Flowering Bonsai

Beginner Bonsai Fukien Tea