Specimen Bonsai Trees For Sale

Specimen Bonsai Trees


All of our complete bonsai trees are one of a kind living pieces of artwork.  Each bonsai tree comes complete with a certificate of authenticity which names the specific artist, age, and species.Bonsai Sale Hollywood - Ft Lauderdle



Japanese Elm Bonsai in 8” Oval Pot w/ Matching Drip Tray – 

Japanese Elm Bonsai Tree Complete in a 7” Glazed Ceramic Bonsai Pot w/ Matching Drip Tray.  Color of the pot is Blue/Teal  Shape is Oval with a lip.

Elm Bonsai Tree

Japanese Elm Bonsai

Japanese Elm Bonsai

  In Stock

Very Old Japanese Elm Bonsai. This specimen is trained in the formal upright style and stands at least 3 feet tall. The trunk is a stunning 4″ thick. For information on this one of a kind living piece of art or other bonsai you are interested please call James at 786-385-3218

Jamaican Rain Tree Bonsai


Flowering Bonsai Tree

In Stock

Complete in 8″ceramic Pot this is an amazing specimen and one of my favorite species for bonsai.  The stunning yellow flowers and cascading leaves make it a very special variety.  Includes house blend bonsai soil, slow release bonsai fertilizer, and drainage mesh.  For $40.


Japanese Elm Bonsai Forest

Complete Bonsai Tree Forest

This stunning forest is a 5 tree group planting of Japanese Elms also known as Zelkova.  This one of a kind artwork comes complete in a 15″ ceramic tray.


 Baby Jade Bonsai Tree

In my opinion the easiest species for bonsai.  They are extremely hardy.  Can do great inside but will grow faster outside in sunlight.

Jade Bonsai Tree











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