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Miami Bonsai Group’s Beginner Lessons

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Group Bonsai Class held at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

During our Miami Bonsai Group classes we teach the art of bonsai at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. Jason Moorehead teaches an eager to learn bunch of people intricate details about starting their very own bonsai.

During these times when we understand you probably can’t make it to a class. Our Online lessons allow experts and beginner bonsai enthusiasts to both learn from the comfort of their own own home. While still receiving detailed tutorials on bonsai techniques and guides on how to care for bonsai trees.

Difficulty Level – Beginner

Care Guides for Bonsai Trees

Care Guides For Bonsai Trees – Various Species

Every bonsai tree is not the same. Each tree requires different care. Junipers need full sun while Brazilian Rain Trees thrive in humid shade with indirect sunlight. Every species of bonsai has it’s specific care.

Bonsai Group Miami offer’s detailed care guides for many varieties of bonsai trees. We detail the differences between Evergreen and Deciduous Trees. Explain how to care for commonly used bonsai trees such as Chinese Elm, as well as more rare varieties like Monkey Thorn Acacia, or Pomegranate.

So when people ask you…

What kind of tree is a bonsai?”

A bonsai can be made from any type of tree. Bonsai means “tree in a pot”Tiger Bark Ficus Bonsai Tree

“What species of tree is used for bonsai?”

Bonsai Translates to The Art of potted tree. That means any tree can be trained to be a bonsai. It’s very important to recognize certain species are more suitable for Selection of bonsai type

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”Nature is a fundamental part of Human existence. There is a special feeling that accompanies an old tree. I believe with limited space in the modern world, bonsai is a great way to keep nature’s les]sons close by.”

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