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Bonsai near me…  Best Bonsai’s mission statement is to share the knowledge of bonsai whenever possible.  Simultaneously offering high quality Bonsai Tree’s for Sale reasonably priced.  Meme and Shohin (miniature) collection brought to you by Nandi T.

Best Bonsai Inc.  is a family owned and operated company.  We specialize in visual arts in the medium of Bonsai.   Jason Moorehead is a full time bonsai artist, sales manager, and co-owner of the Best Bonsai.  Nandi is the Meme and Shohin Bonsai expert, co-owner, and manager of operations.  With the help of Neil Trunkett (Design and Internet Marketing Manager), we provide highest quality living artwork available in Miami and Broward.  While still providing a selection of affordable entry level Bonsai specimen and materials.

The Bonsai Tree’s Best Bonsai offers are more affordable than other vendors in South Florida considering the quality of our product.

Ficus Bonsai Tree 20 Year Old Specimen in 16″ Ceramic Pot


Large Ficus Bonsai

Tiger Bark Ficus Bonsai Tree with impressive aerial roots.  This specimen is

Large Ficus Bonsai Tree. Impressive trunk base.
Large Ficus Bonsai Tree. Impressive trunk base.

20″ tall with a 3″ thick trunk.   This specimen is at least 20 years old and is a very mature Ficus Microcarpia.  Common name is tiger bark ficus, because of the distinct pattern of the bark on this variety.   Comes planted inside of a 14″ Ceramic Bonsai pot with drainage holes.  Soil is our premium lava rock blend which allows for proper drainage.  Slow release bonsai fertilizer is included and is good for at least 6 months.


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Bonsai near me... Best Bonsai's mission statement is to share the knowledge of bonsai whenever possible. Simultaneously offering high quality Bonsai Tree's for Sale reasonably priced.

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Bonsai Trees Broward – Best Bonsai Hollywood Location

Bonsai Trees Broward Best Bonsai Hollywood Location

Bonsai Trees Broward.  We pride ourselves in integrity and respect for our customers.  Nothing against Aspen Nursery, however we have decided that we can provide that service better directly.  Aspen Nursery featured landscaping plants, Palm Trees, and Ornamental Plants; which we do not.  We have launched Best Bonsai Studios Hollywood. By offering a level of quality in our product Broward County previously did not have access to.  Our grand opening sale included the newest and best of our inventory.  We ensure that our selection range from very advanced high end specimen to beginner starter kits.  A large selection of bonsai tools, pots, and accessories will be also be available.

Bonsai Store Hollywood Location

Bonsai Store Hollywood
Bonsai Trees HollywoodBonsai Trees Broward

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