Bonsai Care Guide

Bonsai Care Guide and General Maintenance of Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Trees come in different species, styles, ages etc.. Depending on what agricultural zone you reside, different techniques used care will vary. Bellow you can find a link to a species specific care guide which will provide detailed species focused bonsai care guides for care instructions on specific species of trees commonly used in the art of bonsai.

All bonsai need a regular water schedule, this is never a hard rule. You want to find your trees specific time frame. To often is not favorable and lack of water will kill the tree. So like so many areas of bonsai we find that that perfect balance is the key. If the species of tree gets more water in it’s natural habitat then that pattern should followed by it’s bonsai version. We want to let the soil dry out completely but as soon as it does water it. Never let the soil stay dry… ESPECIALLY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT!!! Soil quality is very important something absorbent as well as free draining is ideal for bonsai training.

Commonly used substrates are Lava Rock Mixes, Akadama, and Turface. I find that for starting cuttings, producing vegetative grown, and trying to get as much growth in the root system as fast as possible potting soil works better.

Good Bonsai Practices

15 Minutes a Day 365 days and 15 minutes.

Basic Bonsai Care Guide

  1. Daily Check Water Level

    Check water level and develop a watering schedule where you let the soil dry all the way out but never stay dry. Tiger Bark Ficus Bonsai Care Guide

  2. Use The Best Quality Bonsai Soil Necessary – When To Change Bonsai Soil?

    Bonsai soil that is very free draining yet absorbent is the choice of most bonsai practitioners. These soils encourage 02 exchange, have ideal drainage and are porous enough to absorb water. Lava Rock Soil Mixes, Akadama, Turface, are all great substrates for bonsai mediums. When Changing the soil don’t do this on a calendar but watch for loss of percolation when you water the bonsai. This is a sure sign of loss of Oxygen Exchange. If the water puddles up on top when you water the tree you know it has lost percolation and it is time to replace the soil. The water should quickly drain right down.

Bonsai Care Guide
Bonsai Forest – 3 Tree Tiger Bark Ficus Group Planting Penjing Style Arrangement

If your trying to get a basic understanding about this living art, or a general guide to explain the basics of caring for bonsai trees – Without getting into species specific details this is ideal resource. For Care Guides on Different Bonsai species, care guides specific to each type of Bonsai Trees. See our Care Guides For Specific Species of Bonsai Trees