Bonsai Classes Hollywood and North Miami Beach All Levels.

Bonsai Class Miami Beach Botanical GardensBonsai Classes Hollywood and Most of South East FL.



Bonsai Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

If you are requesting a private bonsai lesson specify the date and type of event you would like to schedule.  For group classes choose the weekend class that works for you.  We offer our weekend classes on both Saturday and Sunday.  Class is $50 and includes all materials needed to create your very own living bonsai artwork.

Bonsai Tree Class Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

We have all levels of class available so please specify on the form if you would like to attend a group or private bonsai class.  Your Bonsai skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)  On the contact form please specify your scheduling and requests of species/style of bonsai.  You can also call me directly at 786-385-3218