Bonsai Ficus Forest – 3 Tree Group Planting

Bonsai Forest Ficus Microcarpa

Bonsai Ficus Forest – 3 Bonsai Tree Group Planting

Bonsai Ficus Forest.  This is a one of a kind bonsai specimen features 3 techniques.  One of the Trees in the group arrangement features deadwood, the fine branches have all been shaped with wire, and is a forest style arrangement; featuring 3 Tiger Bark Ficus.

This comes complete in a 14″ Ceramic glazed forest bonsai tray planted in our premium lava rock soil with slow release bonsai fertilizer.

Notice the taller primary tree in the center, the two secondary trees are shorter proportionate to how far they are from the primary tree.  Typically the secondary trees follow a 45 degree angle in relation to the primary bonsai tree.  Bonsai Ficus Forest

Bonsai Trees

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Shohin Bonsai tree

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