Cascade Style Bonsai

Cascade Style Bonsai

In a Cascade Style Bonsai the trunk will bend downward, going past the lip of the pot.  Outer branches and leaves will be styled up and out to give the effect that the tree is reaching for the sun. Cascade Style also known as Kengai Bonsai in Japan this is a very impressive unique style.

A cascade style bonsai reflects the shape of a tree that has had a difficult time, but survives never the less.  Imagine a trees shape was crushed by the weight of heavy winter snows, land slides and mud slides.

The pot is different from other styles, it is tall to accommodate the downward bending shape.  This style is not recommended for beginners as it requires wiring and training to achieve the correct form of this style.


Semi Cascade Bonsai Bougainvillea

Cascade Style Bonsai

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Shohin Bonsai tree

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