Informal Upright Bonsai Style

Informal Upright Bonsai Styleinformal upright bonsai

Informal Upright Bonsai Style is similar styling to a Formal upright except in informal style, can have curved trunks and don’t exactly follow the formal upright rules.  This style bonsai are going to look closer to an formal upright than it does other styles.  However they do not follow all the rules of a Formal Upright (Chokan).  A Formal upright is a very specific trunk shape and order of the branches.  Most of the time when you see an Informal Upright Bonsai it will have a twisted trunk.  It can have a straight trunk with taper but the specific pattern of the alternating branches seen in the formal.  All the basics still apply.  You still want a thick base, nebari, and proper taper.


This young Jade is perfect material to style Informal upright.  It is more Informal, broom style,

Informal upright Bonsai Style


This young Portulacaria Africana (Jade) is still developing.  After the first styling a repotting, soil change and hard trim we have something we can develop.  Using deciduous branch structure we can trim the tree keeping the length between internodes short.  This allows for more dense foliage,.  As well as an intricate and complex branch system.  Wiring the top part of the trunk right before the crown will also be necessary to maintain balance.