Bonsai Care Guides

Bonsai Care Guides- General Bonsai Care

How do I care for a bonsai tree?

When caring for your bonsai tree it is very important to know the species of your tree. Soil type, lighting, fertilization, pruning techniques all differ depending on the species of bonsai. Generally speaking though there are a few key factors which apply to most specimen. Most bonsai prefer partial shade to full sunlight, proper watering techniques and soil quality.

How often do I water a bonsai tree?

There is no set number of days. The trick is get in a good watering schedule. The idea is to let the soil dry out between watering but never let the soil stay dry. This also of course depends on the species of tree you are growing, for Example Ficus Bonsai prefer much more water than trees like Juniper

What is the best bonsai soil?

A good bonsai soil has good drainage while still being porous enough to absorb water, slowly releasing moisture to the roots. Allows for good percolation, 02 exchange, and a desirable PH. My favorite blend for my bonsai is a blend of 70% Lava Rock 20% Pumice and 10% Per-Lite.

Care Guides for Specific Species of Bonsai

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