Bonsai Tree Sale as of 5-18-17

Bonsai Tree Sale New Collection 5-18-17

Bonsai Tree sale, the summer collect is finally available and some of our most impressive bonsai thus far.  I am excited to offer a fathers day presents for our customers that have Dads that enjoy the art of bonsai.

Serissa Bonsai Forest


Serissa Bonsai Forest

Serissa Bonsai Forest – 3 Tree Group Planting in a 14” Ceramic Unglazed Ceramic pot — $100

Brazilian Rain Tree – Sold










Gingsing Ficus Microcarpia – Ginsing Ficus Bonsai -$39.99





Serissa Bonsai Tree in Low Profile 10” ceramic bonsai pot. –   Sold
Flowering Bonsai Tree SerissaSerissa Bonsai Tree





Flowering Bonsai Tree

 Brazilian Rain Tree Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Trees For Sale


Brazilian Rain Tree Bonsai


Root over Rock Pomegranate Bonsai – $39.99 

Pomegranate Bonsai Tree Young Pomegranate Bonsai with Deadwood Pomegranate Bonsai








Japanese Elm Bonsai in 10″ Ceramic Pot – Rock Under Root Style. $75.99

Japanese Elm Bonsai Root Over Rock Japanese Elm BonsaiElm Bonsai Tree


Rare Italian Pine Bonsai Tree  $49.99

Italian Stone Pine Bonsai Tree
Italian Stone Pine Bonsai Tree

Italian Pine Bonsai


Italian Pine Bonsai Close up

Italian Pine Bonsai Tree








Japanese Yupon Holly Bonsai Tree   $40.00


Flowering Holly Bonsai Tree

Holly Bonsai Tree








Holly Nebari Close upYupon Holly Flowering Bonsai








Juniper Bonsai Premium Non Glazed 5″ Pot $35.00

Mini Juniper Bonsai TreeChinese Juniper Bonsai Tree. Shohin Juniper Bonsai









Juniper Bonsai Tree in 8″ Black Glazed Ceramic Pot.  





Special Design Root Into Rock Style Jade Forest.

Bonsai Waterfall

Bonsai Waterfall

Bonsai Jade Rock Planting


Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree in 7″ Ceramic Unglazed Pot

Chinese Elm Bonsai







 Tiger Bark Ficst Bonsai Old Specimen with Aerial Roots

Ficust Bonsai Tree Ficus Bonsai Aerial Roots Bonsai Ficus Aerial Roots Close up Tiger Bark Ficus Bonsai