Archive of Bonsai Trees Sold

Archive of Bonsai Trees Sold

These are just a handful of Complete specimen Bonsai Trees sold to our clients in the past so you can see the quality material we have put out for 4 years now.  You also see the progression of us as artists.

Some of our Recent Bonsai Tree Inventory


Ficus Bonsai




Bonsai Ficus with aerial roots which give the tree a very old look.  This Bonsai Fig Tree is at least 15 years old and Stands 28″ tall.  Comes complete in a 12″ handmade ceramic bonsai soil, drainage mesh, and slow release fertilizer.

Ficus Bonsai Tree – 20 Year Old Tiger Bark Ficus

Ficus Bonsai

This is an amazing example of a Ficus Bonsai tree.  Trained in pot for 20 years from pre bonsai to a 6″ pot.  Eventually moved to a 10″ then a 12″.  Developed stu.nning Aerial Roots over the years.  We are very proud of this piece by artist James Moho

12 Year Old Tiger Bark Ficus Bonsai Tree

Ficus Bonsai





This Tiger Bark Ficus Bonsai was hand potted and trained by Artist Nandi.  This is a one of a kind living piece of art that can be enjoyed for only $120,


Tiger Bark Ficus Bonsai Tree – 12 Years Old

Bonsai Trees Sold




Impressive 10 year old Bonsai Tree. This specimen is a Tiger Bark Ficus bonsai with impressive areal roots and wide trunk.  This is one of the most trainable Bonsai I have ever come across.

Japanese Elm Bonsai Forest – 5 Tree Group Planting

Japanese Elm Forest





Bonsai Tree Forest, five tree Japanese Elm Group Planting.  Complete in forest tray, custom made unglazed ceramic bonsai pot designed specifically for Bonsai forest arrangements.  Complete with premium bonsai soil blend, our mix of lava rock, Akadama, Turface, Pine Bark, and Perlite.

Medium Ficus Bonsai