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Jamaican Rain Tree Bonsai

Jamaican Rain Tree Bonsai, Brya ebenus – 10 Year Old Flowering Bonsai – $40

Complete Jamaican Rain Tree Bonsai in 8″ceramic Pot this is an amazing specimen and the Brazilian Rain Tree are a favorite of mine for bonsai.  The stunning yellow flowers and cascading leaves make it a very special variety.  This specimen includes house blend bonsai soil, slow release bonsai fertilizer, and drainage mesh.Flowering Acacia Bonsai

The Jamaican Rain Tree have a special bluish tint to the leaves, this gives contrast to the yellow flowers.  The foliage also exhibits a beautiful cascading effect.  This early bloomer produces 1″ yellow flowers that attract butterflies and this plant is a host for Butterflies.

Jamaican Rain Tree Bonsai


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