Bonsai Acacia – Monkey Thorn Acacia Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Acacia – Monkey Thorn Acacia Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Acacia - Monkey Thorn Acacia
Bonsai Acacia – Monkey Thorn Acacia potted in a 18″ low profile ceramic bonsai pot.

Bonsai Acacia Tree.  The Acacia tree is a wonderful family of trees that make excellent specimen for bonsai.  This Monkey Thorn Acacia was trained from nursery stock over the course of five years and has found it’s home in this impressive hand made 16″ oval low profile bonsai pot.  The large curved thorns can be a pain when wiring but give interesting character to the tree.  The outer bark is thin and flaky giving great texture to the trunk of the bonsai tree.  Closely related to the Brazilian Rain Tree, Acacia Bonsai, Mimosa Bonsai, and Brazilian Rain Trees are my favorite specimens to work with these days.  Something about them is rewarding, and Acacia bonsai trees have a ton of symbolic significance.  This specimen includes house blend bonsai soil, slow release bonsai fertilizer, and drainage mesh.


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