Bonsai Care - Ficus Bonsai Trimming

Bonsai Care - Ficus Bonsai Trimming

Basic Ficus Bonsai Trimming is essential to proper styling of your bonsai. Basic Bonsai Care involves most importantly watering and caring for the health of the tree. Next is the styling, because the tree will loose it's shape if not maintained. If you don't properly trim your bonsai it will turn from a bonsai into a bush fairly quickly. When it comes to bonsai care as far as style goes it all starts with trimming.

Different trees are trimmed differently for instance deciduous trees are trimmed into splits of two by removing the middle new growth. Elm Bonsai and Fukien Tea Trees grow long shoots of new growth, these should be trimmed back to the first two sets of leaves. You also follow this pattern with ficus. It is good to let these shoots grow out long enough where the base is hardwood. Because the point your cutting is hardwood it will ramify (split) at that point.

Ficus Bonsai Trimming 101Ficus Bonsai Trimming

As the new growth comes in on your Ficus you will see a little tip where the new growth is beginning like shown here. When you trim these back as they come in it will encourage back budding and maintain the shape.






Properly trimming ficus bonsai trees will reduce the size of the leaves and create denser leaf structure. As well as more complex deciduous branching structure.

My morning bonsai maintenance routine