Ficus Jin Bonsai – Possible to create Deadwood on Ficus?

Ficus Jin Bonsai – Is it possible to create Deadwood on Ficus Bonsai Trees?

Ficus Jin Bonsai Deadwood – So I styled these very interesting Jin on my Ficus Bonsai.  I had never seen any one work with deadwood on Ficus Bonsai, but I was just going as I went and that was the direction the tree took me.  I was very happy with the way the carving came out.

Ficus Jin Bonsai


So after posting some pictures online some one responded that she was told that you “could not” Jin Ficus because the wood is too soft.  I just used my concave cutters, sand paper, and lime sulfur.  Is there are a reason ficus is typically not styled with “Shari” or “Jin”?  Seems like it was sealed by the lime sulfur I am not worried about rotting.  The tree seems to be very healthy has tons of new growth.  Is there anything I am missing or should look out for down the road?

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Shohin Bonsai tree

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