Informal Upright Style Bonsai

Informal Upright Style Bonsai

This style is also known as Moyogi.  Informal upright is a very common style where the trunk grows in an S shape.  This style is very common in both the art of Bonsai as well as in nature.  Informal Upright Style Bonsai should grow a branch at every turn of the trunk.  Clearly visible tapering of the tree must be clearly visible with the base thicker than the top part of the tree.

Since the curves of the trunk bend in different directions the branches and leaves must create the balance in the tree.  Just like any bonsai the tree should have a well defined front.  Well done bonsai are like a beautiful painting.  In Japanese culture there are three forms of beauty/art.  Art found in nature, Art created by man, and the third most highly regarded the interaction of man with nature to create beauty.

To the right right is a basic example of a Japanese Elm Bonsai trained informal upright style.  I used a rubber band to train the branch of this elm, by bringing that branch down and to the right side it gives it better balance.  The rubber band was just removed and the elm has grown allot of new foliage I will post updated pictures soonInformal Upright Style Bonsai


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