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Make a Bonsai Tree From Any Tree With Potential (Trunk Structure)

Make A Bonsai Tree Yourself

Important to Look For a Good Trunk Line - Taper and Nabarai

So you can get the experience of making a bonsai tree yourself Using Make a Bonsai Kit includes a pre-bonsai Ficus Juniper or Elm Tree. Includes all materials needed. Most importantly, 8" Ceramic Bonsai Pot, High Quality Specific Bonsai Soil, and fertilizer. Complete kit is $39.99. The Adventurer Kit does not include the tree, and allows you to use your own specimen. You Can make a bonsai tree with any tree that has a good look especially the trunk line. We want to develop bonsai artists. So for our local customers the kit is available with a 2 hour Bonsai Class, from beginner to advanced. $50


Making a mini Bonsai from a cutting that I rooted. Good bonsai takes time however. Our GoPro Camera is on the way so the Videos are going to be taken to another level.