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Metal Bonsai Tree Sculpture

Metal Bonsai Tree Sculpture

Metal Bonsai Tree Sculpture which is completely hand made. incredibly detailed, and one of a kind.   Measures 5″ tall 5” long by 3′ wide’ The sculpture pictured is the exact one you will receive.  This Item can be purchased it’s from product page on  If you would like to contact us regarding a consignment agreement or wholesale purchase,  call 786-385-3218 for pricing and availability.

Metal Bonsai Art Clear Metal Bonsai Tree Sculpture

Samples of other Metal Bonsai Sculptures


Metal Bonsai Tree Art  After much practice I am finally ready to offer my Metal Bonsai Tree Art To the public.  I made ten trees just to start to get the hand of it.   The first 10 where nothing I would ever show any one.  Little by little, I did get the hang of this.  Now I see it progress slowly over time.  

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