Bonsai Stock

Bonsai Stock by Best-Bonsai, Inc.

Bonsai Stock by Best-Bonsai, Inc. Complete bonsai specimen available for purchase.  Ships out 2-3 days from time of purchase.  Exact Bonsai Trees Pictured are in stock.




Brazilian Raintree Bonsai
Brazilian Raintree
Bonsai Trees Broward
Tiger Bark Ficus Bonsai
My Favorite Bonsai
Most Recent picture taken 3/21/2017. This is my favorite bonsai yet  Available for $320.  Limited time offer.





Gardening Concepts
Bougainvillea Bonsai





Group Planting
Ficus Forest – 3 Tree Group Planting


Bonsai Stock

Pictures current to reflect our inventory.  Best Bonsai Trees South Florida has to offer.