Bonsai Forest Piece – Serissa Bonsai Forest

Serissa Bonsai Forrest 3 Serissa Group Planting
Group Planting of 3 Serissa Bonsai Trees in a 14″ shallow forest Bonsai Tray.

Serissa Bonsai Forest – 3 Tree Group Planting – $165

Serissa Bonsai Forest – Also known as “snow rose” Serissa is known from it’s small beautiful small flowers which bloom year round.

Beautiful Bonsai Forest – 3 Tree Group Planting in 10″ hand made ceramic tray.  Forest by bonsai artist Nandi T.

-Made up of 3 amazing Snow Rose (Serissa) Bonsai Trees.

-On a 10″ Handmade Ceramic Bonsai Tray specially designed for Group Plantings.

-Complete with Top Dressing, Moss, Bonsai Soil, and Slow Release Bonsai Fertilizer.

In regards to care, with Serissa Bonsai stable conditions are key.  Mist it daily if no flowers are growing.  Fertilize every two weeks during the growing season and use a slow release balanced bonsai fertilizer.  Soil which retains water and also drains well is necessary for the health of the trees.

Serissa Bonsai Forest Progression

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